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About The Tarot

Tarot is 78 Cards with pictures on. Essentially, thats it! - So its not a scary thing at all :) - they are only scary if you think they are :)


There are 22 Major Arcana cards (Arcana means secrets) and 56 Minor Arcana, 4 suits - Wands, Swords,Cups and Pentacles (these can sometimes be named differently , it depends on which deck you have. 16 Court cards - King, Queen, Knight and Page, which again can be named according to the deck in your possession.


There are many different types of Tarot Cards, the most popular being the Rider Waite which first came to prominence and popularity. since then, there have been a plethora of different themes from witches, Druidry and even Gummy Bears (and yes, I have a set!) .


Combined, they give an overall picture of different areas of your life.


The Cards are numbered from 0-21 in the Majors, and from 1-10 in the Minors (pip cards). This assists with timing. The suits help with seasonal timings:


Wands - Summer / Element - Fire/ Colour - Orange


Cups -  Winter / element - Water / Colour - Blue


Pentacles - Spring  / Element -Earth / Colour - Green


Swords - Autumn /Element - Air /Yellow


These are my timings, this is how I personally read the cards. Other people have different ways of interpretation, all of which are valid.


I also use the Decanates - here is a a decan wheel with the tarot correspondences - image from Pinterest.














All this I combine with clairvoyance, and zodiac timings, seasons and Decanates to offer you an accurate reading.All of these ingredients will help to give you an interesting, and helpful reading.


I was trained by Tarot Professionals, completing the 78 Days of Tarot Course, gaining a Diploma.


Please pop to my store if you wish to purchase a tarot reading either by email, skype and phone.


**Please remeber, that like life, Tarot is not written in stone and everyone has free will. Readings are for guidance and entertainment only as per UK law.


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