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About Cheryl



I am Cheryl Turtlemoon. I have always been clairvoyant, having been able to see and communicate with spirit from an early age. I didnt know this was relatively uncommon until I got much older, I thought everyone was the same.


I have previously worked in Administrative positions, and accounts, both within Insurance. So, I did readings and served churches

in the evenings and at weekends, eventually becoming professional in 2003.  


Spirit have given me much, and the beauty of their communication is wonderful, I am grateful to be able to be of service to others.


not only  a Clairvoyant Medium, and offering my services to churches in Kent, and then I found the Tarot and my life was enhanced and enriched still further.


I read the cards for a number of years before taking a Diploma with Tarot Professionals and that really put me firmly in the obsessed section of Tarot! I use tarot cards personally, every day, and I have read in some interesting places (on boats,in shops,  in restaurants, at clubs and even Victoria Station!)


I have been Clairvoyant all my life, and I find this a normal way to be, which is why I combine it with Tarot! and I turned professional over 16 years ago. This allows me to concentrate solely on helping others.


I have Qualifications in




   Colour Therapy - teacher/practitioner

   Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho - the Diamond Path) - to Mastership

   Angelic Reiki - to mastership

   Angel Card Reading

   Oracle Card Reading

   Corinthian Spiritual Healing


I am also an Ordained Minister (Ordained by the Corinthians but now Independent) This means I can offer Funerals & and Christenings.


I live in Herne Bay with my husband and Dog. I have a  son, and I am very proud of the successful man he has become.


I see my life as being of service to others, and it gives me great pleasure to serve.

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