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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 17 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 17 11 17

Page Pentacles Reversed - Truth

Today, its hard to see where we are heading if we are blinded by shiny objects, or our attention is detracted.

Try to keep grounded and your eyes on the goal today.


You may need to be truthful with yourself. Honesty doesnt just extend outwards but inwards too!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 16 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 16 11 17

Page Swords/Healing

Today is a new day! Its time to step into action. Your mind is swift and clear and you are ready for whatever comes today. News that makes you think is likely, too.


Archangel Raphael helps us move on today. He brings calm and comfort today :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 15 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 15 11 17

4 Pentacles Reversed/Creativity

Today we need to learn to let go. Sometimes its hard, but if you are holding something back for yourself, or someone else, it is kinder to let go.


You are thinking creatively today. Your mind wanders to new projects and interests. Ask AA Uriel to assist you today!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 14 2017 03:00AM

Combined Reading 14 11 17 - Moon Reversed /Support


The Moon is the bringer of truth, in the Reverse position.

Knowledge can be a great thing, but when you find the truth in a subject,or situation, it may be that a little thought/help/questioning is necessary.


So along comes Archangel Michael to free you of negative thinking, and to wrap you in love and light. Ask him for help if you need to! He is here to assist!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 13 2017 07:00AM

Combined Reading 13 11 17

Page Pentacles/Archangel Gabriel

Today we see the page of pentacles holding a coin in the middle of a field. It is time to reap what we sold earlier in the year, and as is reversed you may not feel a lot was been sewed, however growth is only measured by what we have put in. So if you need to do more, or plan more, now is your chance!

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the bringer of good news. Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you look positively at life, and if you don't feel you have achieved to use it out to do, then be good to yourself and ask Archangel Gabriel to assist.

Following on from yesterday's cards, it was all about expectation and how much is that we put ourselves, here we see this made manifest, and being aware is so much more helpful.

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