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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Dec 8 2017 12:00PM

TCOTD - 9 Wands - 8 12 17

You're possibly nearly done with all the things you need to do for the year. If not, then remember that all things get done in the end. You will not feel drained forever :) know that an end is in sight :) do not worry! :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Dec 7 2017 12:00PM

TCOTD - Knight of Cups - 7 12 17

Tread carefully today. If you think things might get volatile or at least a bit worrying, then go careful. Compromise may be helpful today - but only if it suits you :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Dec 6 2017 07:00AM

TCOTD - High Priestess - 6 12 17

Today we know best. We also keep it under our hats until needed. Knowledge is a good thing, especially when used wisely.

Trust your instincts today, because you could well be right in your feelings! its an interesting day today!!!!!!!!!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Dec 1 2017 06:00AM

Combined Reading 1 12 17

Queen Swords/Release

I cannot believe its December!!!!!!! this year is going so fast!

Well, here we are. Again the Queen of Swords shows herself. Here we are clearing the way for something , clear intentions allow us to think logically. If you want to go down a new route, then you near to clear the obstacles!


Archangel Michael is back, too. Here he assists

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 30 2017 07:00AM

Combined Reading 30 11 17

Ace Swords/Friendship

Its a day for endings and clearance. If you need to stop something, then perhaps things have run their course, and stopping will allow for something new to come in.


Archangel Uriel brings clearance as the support of our friends assists us with any changes that may be occurring.

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