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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Aug 9 2017 09:28AM

7 Swords/Transformation

7 Swords

A man goes to leap in a window, and make off with the goodies.

Its time to check who you trust today, and be observant too. Check the motivation of others.

Some people are like magpies, they take anything that is shiny. Compare that in human terms and I suggest you keep your eye on your valuables.


Raphael brings change. Change has been mentioned for a little while in the Tarot, and while change strikes fear in the heart of many people, it is necessary! Raphael was with us yesterday for forgiveness, that is now transmuted!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Aug 4 2017 02:19PM

Combined reading- 4-8-17

6 Wands/transience

Today, we may achieve something we had set out to do. Any achievement is a good thing. So, be pleased with yourself. It doesn't have to be anything big - besides, what's big to you maybe small to someone else. Not to worry! Be pleased with victories big or small today:)


All things change. Things and people come, and go. Today remember this. Just let things go, allow for change, because that's how we grow. Watch and observe- from the start of changing seasons, to life changes. It's all good!

Happy Friday people!!! Xxx

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Jul 28 2017 06:00AM

Combined Reading - 28 7 17

Judgement /Vacation (holiday)

today we take note of the signs, as opposed to what we think. The Universe sends many signs but we don't often stop to look, and the Universe asks us to look around us now, and to see what is really there. do not judge the mess around you - see beyond it. So, if your living room is a mess don't judge it, then see the lovely sofa underneath it all, and blue glad of it!!

The Angels ask you to take a 5 minute holiday today! lay back and enjoy the moment. A holiday doesn't have to be half way around the world. It can be 5 minutes spent in your favourite part of the house , or doing recreational painting or another hobby.

Have a GREAT Friday!!! :) XX

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Jul 27 2017 01:00AM

combination Reading - 27 7 17

10 Wands/Angel of Sleep

Sometimes, we carry other's problems around with us. We think of them often, and don't let go. The same could be said for our own problems - we carry them about, sometimes even when they are sorted out. Today we are reminded that we CAN put the burdens down, give them back to their owners if applicable, or just breathe!

The Angel of Sleep suggests that once we do this, we can properly relax, and rest. Allow yourself an early night, a nap in the afternoon, or just to relax with some music you love.

Its all about relaxing, and peace today! happy Thursday!!!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Jul 25 2017 06:35AM

4 of Wands/angel of Healing

If things have been a little strained around you, then it should be a little more comfortable today.

The 4 of Wands brings stability, and comfort. You may hear of a wedding, or find the meeting of minds comes today.

Angel of Healing

The Angel of Healing comes to heal situations, feelings and hearts today. Allow the healing in. XXX

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