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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 29 2017 07:00AM

Combined Reading 29 11 17


Today doing "Right" will prevail. If there are legalities, then it will be "right". If you need to sort something out, then it will be done in the correct spirit.


Archangel Michael brings clearance and protection and allows light to shine on situations. Trust that all is well, because its a good day for sorting things out! :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 28 2017 05:00AM

Combined Reading 28 - 11 - 17

5 Pentacles Reversed/Wisdom

Sometimes we have to allow ourselves a little peace. Going for the comfort of what you know is always a good thing and very much the advice for today. the 5 of Pentacles reversed allows that comfort to come forward.


Archangel gabriel brings wisdom and good news today. Know that you are on the right track! :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 18 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 18 11 17

Hermit Reversed/Abundance

The Hermit in reveres is heading back to his cave. He needs peace and he needs to assimilate what he has learned. Its a time of gathering one's thoughts.


Abundance comes in funny ways. You may find yourself gifted with things, like time, laughter or something else that money cannot buy. Treasure these gifts!!!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 17 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 17 11 17

Page Pentacles Reversed - Truth

Today, its hard to see where we are heading if we are blinded by shiny objects, or our attention is detracted.

Try to keep grounded and your eyes on the goal today.


You may need to be truthful with yourself. Honesty doesnt just extend outwards but inwards too!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Nov 16 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 16 11 17

Page Swords/Healing

Today is a new day! Its time to step into action. Your mind is swift and clear and you are ready for whatever comes today. News that makes you think is likely, too.


Archangel Raphael helps us move on today. He brings calm and comfort today :)

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