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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Jun 2 2017 07:00AM

Beauty/Hanged Man

We need to see the beauty in a time of horribleness - the need to know that something nice is in this world. Today, open your heart and let the light in.

Hanged Man

Looking at life from a new perspective is suggested today. See things in a new way. See what is truly important to you in this life. :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Jun 1 2017 07:00AM

Combo Reading 1 6 17

Wow! June already!!! :)

The Empress/Archangel Gabriel

The Empress reminds us that we need to look after ourselves, and that our personal needs can be met. :) the birth of a new project may come in due course, but in the meantime, nurture is the way to go :)

Archangel Gabriel is the bringer of good news (yay!!) and despite whatever is going on in the world, we all need some of that. Be someone's ray of sunshine today!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, May 31 2017 07:00AM

Combo Reading 31-5-17

6 Swords/Release

Letting go and change go hand in hand . Today we may need to do both. In the Tarot card, we are leaving choppy waters behind, and heading towards calmer water.

The Card of Release reminds us that in order to progress, we sometimes have to leave things behind, or let them go. This is as it should be. :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, May 30 2017 07:00AM

Combo Reading Justice/Communication

I often think of Justice as Karma, and today is no different. If something legal is being dealt with, then you can trust that the right thing will happen. If you a problem arises, then you can expect it to be dealt with by the Universe.

Communicating your thought, or expectations today may be a good idea, just remember that words carry "weight" :) Speak lovingly, or bite your tongue :)

By cheryl Turtlemoon, May 29 2017 06:00AM

Combo Reading for 29 5 17

The Chariot/Archangel Michael

Today we may need to make a decision, and you can ask A.Michael to assist with the cutting of ties, or clearing away what no longer serves you. This decision may be awkward or difficult, but the Chariot driver (YOU) needs to be on the right path, so this is necessary :)

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