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By cheryl Turtlemoon, Oct 5 2017 08:00AM

Combined Reading 5 10 17


Take it easy today. Little by little gets the job done.


Yes, the world needs peace. More than ever it needs peace these days. Try being peaceful and tolerant today. xxx

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Oct 4 2017 08:00AM

Combined Reading 4 10 17

Faith/moon reversed

The Angels ask us to have faith in all things today, and remember to reflect the best of yourself today.

moon reversed

The moon reversed shows truth being revealed. This will reduce your stress levels and show you a way forward.

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Oct 2 2017 07:00AM

Combined Reading 2 10 17

10 Swords/Joy

If you want a rest or something to just stop, then today you will get that relief. Change and completion are on their way :)


The Angels ask us to be happy. AA Uriel brings clearance and fun into our lives :) yay!!!

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Oct 1 2017 07:00AM

Combined Reading 1 10 17

5 Swords/Purpose

Today may bring a bonus or blessing :) if you find money on the floor, or other such unexpected gift, then give thanks :)


Archangel Gabriel helps those of us in need of direction. Ask for his guidance in this area of your life if needed :)

Archangel of the Month

The Archangel of the month is Barbiel, and he rules Honesty. This suggests an interesting month, bringing Authenticity to your life.

By cheryl Turtlemoon, Sep 30 2017 10:00AM

Combined Reading 30 9 17

Knight Swords/Transience

We move forward, but think clearly, and almost urgently.


Nothing stays the same. All things change. As you move forward remember that you are effecting a change, by your actions.

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