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October 2017:



Psychic Sundays at LaLuna with Cheryl Turtlemoon - 22nd October 2017


New Psychic Sundays to start at La Luna, to take place around every 4-6 weeks.


The first Psychic Sunday that took place in September proved just how popular Charyl is, with a waiting list for cancellations! Those who missed out should be pleased to know that the next one is coming up on SUNDAY 22nd OCTOBER - yey!


Come and have La Luna to yourself, be surrounded by resonating crystals, soothing Himalayan Salt lamps and stimulating aromas while you get a 20 minute Tarot Reading from Cheryl for just £15 - an excellent price, where you may get more!


If you don’t know or haven’t heard about the amazing Cheryl Turtlemoon, and you are interested in readings then you really need to get to know by taking up one of her readings, you will be impressed! Cheryl is a local a Tarot card reader as well as an experienced clairvoyant medium, who loves what what she does, making it her profession - because she feels it is her life's purpose is to serve those in need.


Quote from Cheryl from her website:


“I find Tarot uncovers layers of ourselves, and reveals our truths and stories, and this is why I love it so much, and is why a tarot reading is so useful, because it works on a deeper level than you initially think.”


I can personally vouch that Cheryl is impressive! Every single person that came out of their reading from the last Psychic Sunday was extremely impressed and thouroughly enojyed their reading, stating how on point Cheryl was.


Cheryl has a wonderful energy to her so I am truly honoured that she is offering her services at La Luna.


Booking at your earliest convenience is highly recommended. To book a reading you will need to pay £10 as a deposit, which goes towards the cost, with the remaining £5 to be paid on the day of your reading at La Luna.


What’s on offer:

- 20 minute readings for £15 - a great price!

- 10% discount on all La Luna purchases over £5

- Who knows, maybe a message from a passed loved one or spirit guide!?


Times available:



12:00 noon









Get in contact to book your spot;

07538 958 276