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FAQ -  General

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What hours do you work?


my hours are:


   Monday - 10-4pm

   Tuesday 2pm - 8pm

   Wednesday - 10-2pm

   Thursday - 10am-8pm

   Friday - 10am - 8pm

   Saturday 10-1pm by arrangement,

   Sunday - DAY OFF. I do not work Sundays


I reserve the right to change my hours.


How do I buy a reading?


go to the store


Do you refuse clients?


Yes - Under 18's as I do not read for minors

Anyone who 'demands' a reading on the spot

Anyone who is abusive or drunk will have their reading terminated. If they are drunk or abusive prior to seeing                                I will refuse to give you a reading. I will not read a person more than twice a year - this is to avoid reliance upon my services.


Anyone who has a mental problem I will not read. I am not qualified to assist you and I suggest medical help.


Do you offer same day appointments?


No, if a person truly wants a reading with me, they will be happy to wait for a space in my schedule.


Note- if you are a no-show then I will never take a re booking with you. This is because there are many people who would like to see me and I dont want them to miss out.



Clairvoyance FAQs


What does Clairvoyance mean?


It means 'Clear seeing' Clair Audience is Clear Hearing - can both hear and see spirit.


Can you get in touch with my uncle Bob?


I can get in touch with spirit - there is no guarantee as to who I get through.


Do animals have a spirit?


Yes . Animals come back to say hello ! and often!


Do I have to believe in Spiritualism?


No, some of the people I get through are not believers either!


Are you working with the Devil?


No, I work on a Love vibration, and in the light. I don't work with dark forces. Like attracts like.


Will you tell me anything scary?


No the Universe does not give out that kind of information, and I do not request to know such a thing. I do not work on a power and control level.


Got a question you would like to know the answer to? then drop me a line