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FAQ -  General

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What hours do you work?


my hours are:


   Monday - 10-4pm

   Tuesday 2pm - 8pm

   Wednesday - 10-2pm

   Thursday - 10am-8pm

   Friday - 10am - 8pm

   Saturday 10-1pm by arrangement,

   Sunday - DAY OFF. I do not work Sundays


I reserve the right to change my hours.


How do I buy a reading?


go to the store


Do you refuse clients?


Yes - Under 18's as I do not read for minors

Anyone who 'demands' a reading on the spot

Anyone who is abusive or drunk will have their reading terminated. If they are drunk or abusive prior to seeing                                I will refuse to give you a reading. I will not read a person more than twice a year - this is to avoid reliance upon my services.


Anyone who has a serious mental problem I will not read. I am not qualified to assist you and I suggest medical help.


Do you offer same day appointments?


No, if a person truly wants a reading with me, they will be happy to wait for a space in my schedule.


Note- if you are a no-show then I will never take a re booking with you. This is because there are many people who would like to see me and I dont want them to miss out. Also non payers will not be able to re book with myself.



Clairvoyance FAQs


What does Clairvoyance mean?


It means 'Clear seeing' Clair Audience is Clear Hearing - can both hear and see spirit.


Can you get in touch with my uncle Bob?


I can get in touch with spirit - there is no guarantee as to who I get through.


Do animals have a spirit?


Yes . Animals come back to say hello ! and often!


Do I have to believe in Spiritualism?


No, some of the people I get through are not believers either!


Are you working with the Devil?


No, I work on a Love vibration, and in the light. I don't work with dark forces. Like attracts like.


Will you tell me anything scary?


No the Universe does not give out that kind of information, and I do not request to know such a thing. I do not work on a power and control level.


Got a question you would like to know the answer to? then drop me a line