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Herne Bay Businessess


Carina both makes and sells jewellery. She also runs workshops too!

cocktail camper

Lily the Cocktail Campervan


brilliant service and fantastic cocktails!! :)


contact Nikki on 07710566827


Facebook - Parasol Up cocktails and Events


Anne's Accounts


Business Financial Administration


Call - 07714088120

dentist amour tea-party-contact

Vintage China hire, and baby showers, weddings, engagement parties and events.


a wonderful photographer, sympathetic of her subject.

for all your beautifully commission jewellery for the important people in your life.

reg kings hall show reg-sunhat_orig

Reg E Mental - Children's and family entertainer. Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings etc, and corporate events.


Here in Herne Bay, where I live, is such a thriving community of businessess. Here are a few business cards (mostly!) from

the businesses I know, or met at a function recently.


Local businesses need your support to be successful.



I wasnt paid by anyone to put these up, I just want to help everyone!!! :) if you would like your business card to feature here

and you are local, then please contact me.