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Welcome to my site and thank you for visiting.


I am Cheryl, a Tarot card reader as well as an experienced clairvoyant medium, which I have the absolute pleasure of doing for many years - including working on platform. I love what I do, and have made it my profession - because I feel my life's purpose is to serve those in need, to find out more about me, click here      


I find the Tarot uncovers layers of ourselves, and reveals our truths and stories, and this is why I love it so much, and is why a tarot reading is so useful, because it works on a deeper level than you initially think.                                      


By combining Clairvoyance together with Tarot and employing Pythagorean numerology I am able give you a more personal and accurate reading. I conduct readings by telephone, e-mail and Skype only. Thanks to Skype, I have done readings in all over the world!


I have appeared in numerous publications which include Fate and Fortune, Psychic News and Full House magazine as well as local newspapers.


I look forward to hearing from you!













"I can not tell you how important it was for me to hear what Cheryl had to say. When Cheryl gives you a reading she does it with kindness, care and fulfilment. Explaining each card as she goes. Even if you are unsure Cheryl will tell you to write that down and hold that thought. You do not feel stupid by asking silly  questions. Even via the internet Cheryl makes you feel reassured. Thank you Cheryl for a wonderful reading. " Charlie 21.2.17






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Please note:


I do not do "emergency"  (same day readings)  or without payment being received beforehand. This is to stop unscrupulous people from taking advantage of my services. (Yes, its sad but true, this happens!)


ALSO - I do not do "in person" readings. I offer Readings Via Skype, phone and facebook chat only.





All Readings are for entertainment only. Tarot, and other readings offered on this website are like life - not set in stone. Everyone has free will, and all readings are for guidance only. Clients must be over 18.Cheryl reserves the right to refuse to do readings, and or terminate a reading if necessary. Readings are not a substitute for legal or health advice. Please see those qualified in these areas if needed.

For Full Terms and Conditions please look here .

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