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Monthly Tarot Forecast- November 17

Leo - July 23rd - Aug23rd


Tarot Card - 5 Swords


This month be very observant of those around you. Watch other people's reactions to things and be careful who you trust. This isnt doom and gloom, it's just real life! be kind to yourself this month.

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Aquarius - Jan 20th - Feb 8th


Tarot Card - 9 Swords Reversed


This month sees worries leaving. If something has been bothering you, it will clear this month. Hooray for some sleep :) However, you wont get to rest on your laurels, clairvoyantly, I feel this may well be a busy month for you.

Pisces - Feb 20th - March 20th


Tarot - The Lovers - Reversed


You may not see eye to eye with those around you, and may have to try extra hard to communicate with those around you. A little calm and patience is needed for that Piscean emotion :)

Virgo - March 21-April 19


Tarot Card - 5 Pentacles


Comfort is sometimes needed, and for the Aries

person it may be hard to ask, or to receive. This month you may feel more than a little stressed. Put some of that hard exterior away, Aries, and ask for help.There's no shame in being human. :)

Taurus - April 20th - May 21st


Tarot Card - 2 Wands - Reversed


You may wish to do something new, but dont hold Your breath, its not coming just yet. Hang in there Taurus, I know its hard to be patient, but the time isnt right yet.

Gemini - May 21st-June 20th


Tarot Card - 2 Cups - Reversed


This is excellent for our Gemini friends, as this card is all about connecting to people and feeling like an equal among your peers. If this is something that you wish for, or you are lacking in confidence (yet appear the opposite) then keep going, you are on the right track. You will feel like "one of the gang" soon. :)

Cancer - June 21st - July 22nd


Tarot Card - 4 Wands


Heard news of a wedding? is something lovely planned in your neck of the woods dear Cancerian? A meeting and melding of minds, along with partnerships and solidity is signified with this card. Wonderful! :)


Libra - Sept 23rd - Oct 22nd


Tarot Card - Emperor - Reversed - Major Arcana


You need to get things organised Lovely Libra! Now is the time to get rid of things or see what is and is not working for you and adjust accordingly so that balance can be restored. :) It's all good!

Virgo - Aug 24th - Sept 22nd


Tarot Card - Page Swords - Reversed


The Pages signify news and information. This wont be earth shattering but stuff that is useful to know. Think before you act.

Scorpio - Oct 23rd - Nov 21st


Card - 7 Pentacles


Dear Scorpio, if you want something, then you have to work for it. Think of the Rewards! There's no use thinking its unfair to do things, they have to be done. You can have fun later, dear Scorpio!

Saggitarius - Nov 22nd - Dec 21st


Tarot Card - 4  Cups


What you wish for is already here. If you feel what you want isnt here, then look again, dear Saggitarius. Something good this way comes :)

Capricorn Dec 22 - Janu 19


Tarot Card - 8 Wands


Things will happen swiftly this month so be prepared for anything! Its a month of possibilities for you dear Capricorn, so enjoy the rush !! :)


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