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These are all genuine testimonials:


Skype Tarot Reading


I had a Life reading done by Cheryl and it was amazing. The message she delivered was of hope, validation and trust. I am very grateful to have met Cheryl and to experience this. She was on pointe in so many areas that I was amazed. I believed again that we do get messages from Angels and guides. I will definitely recommend Cheryl and her expertise. I'm a very satisfied customer


Jenn S. - Artist -





Wow - this was so nice to see, especially after the first I recieved, it really made me feel like I'd moved-on, and made incredible progress ! We men are so visual, so it was brought home vividly the difference between the rigid, inflexible, monochrome, hard geometrics and the far more organic, fluid, colourful, healing mandala that was created through you yesterday. And I feel that it does truly reflect my current emotional state (I.e. wobbly) I really enjoy looking at it, and it's good to know that Archangel Michael has got my back too.


Jon S X


Rune Reading


Again Wow...but this time with chills! It felt so spot-on and I have to admit that it relieved so much tension. The last 6 months seem to have been mapped perfectly by the first three runes; Nauthiz, Berkana and Daguz...they really are a true reflection of my spiritual journey so far and you're interpretation of them really does resonate with me. As for Laguz...well, it was the most important of the four for me, and it was that which made me relax the most and help me feel that I was ready to let go.


Jon S


One Card Tarot


Spot on again....I do have to let go, but not view it as a loss, just the start of something new.


Jon S




That was spooky! Knowing I'd been away, knowing I'd been cold, that I'd undergone a transformation...proper stuff, loved it!


Overall Cheryl, you've gone completely over and above the call of duty, and truly played your part in healing what was a very upset man...your readings have been eerily accurate, and have provided comfort and enlightenment where it was most needed, thank you!


Warmest wishes,served up with a generous helping of love and light.


Jon Sx


Skype  Clairvoyance


I have had two readings with Cheryl. The first in person and the second over Skype. Cheryl has the amazing ability to truly capture the character of each person in spirit that she is connecting with. She gives readings with empathy, kindness and humour too! Both readings were so accurate and it was lovely to hear from my family members again who I miss dearly. I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl to all who seek a connection with spirit.


Mrs C Peters


Tarot Reading


Hi Cheryl,


Spooky! Was thinking about you earlier and thinking about contacting you with some feedback as I had a situation reading back in march. I cant tell you how accurate this actually was, I accepted a job on the advice of the tarot spread but it wasn't perfect. True to the spread came extra hours and a promotion is on the cards - as predicted. I'm blown away by its accuracy!!


Last August I also had an annual tarot read and I can only say it has been spot on.


Thank you so much - thought it may be nice to you to know this.


Kind regards,




Medium and Author Margaret West - Angel Reading


What an amazing reading . You answered a lot if questions for me . I am struggling with my workload and thinking is this right? Should I be so swamped . I asked the angels to send me a sign I can understand , not blooming symbols , so they sent me you obviously . I want to put all under one roof, instead if rushing here/ there, paying for halls etc I'm thinking of starting my own church near London way. I do think I'm climbing a mountain , so it's nice to know the tops here. I did begin to not believe in myself recently as I've come across some horrid people and have been very let down by one. You start to believe is it me making people think/do the things they do. I do know my marketing , but yes, I need to reach further . I finish my counceling course this year and my reflexology . Now I'm not sure I want to do it lol serving others? Is that teaching ? I think so glad that's right. Looking forward to the suprise lol I need some good news lol made more aware of earthly life I can understand, as I feel I'm more in the spirit ether than in actual human life recently. I don't seem to resonate with live folks clearly, recently.. Glad I empower others but yesterday I realised whilst writing a Mastership manual that I need to empower myself. harmony! I do lots of different things , but I do need to organise it more, maybe . I'm feeling very tired and I've been feeling very emotional with people that I've bumped into that are not spiritual and try to drag me down and doubt myself.It's a brilliant reading . Really hit the nail on the head . Rarely do I get readings for myself , as everyone looks to me for them lol so it's nice to get good clarification from you, via the angels .


Angel Card Reading


Melissa E.


Thank you Cheryl for my lovely reading yesterday. It was so nice to receive confirmation that all is okay and is in fact going as it should be, there are some quite major changes happening in my life at the moment and you picked those up for me. It's good to know I'm heading in the right direction... bit nifty receiving my reading over the phone too ;) Lots of love & hugs Melissa xxx



Angel Card Reading


April A


Had an amazing Angel card reading from Cheryl today! So appropriate in it's entirety although I find it hard to accept compliments or own good things said about me I'm trying! Cheryl was so in touch with how things are for me today both in my head, my thoughts and feelings and emotions and in the world around me and those in my life Thankyou so much!




Yvonne C - Medium


I have had several readings with Cheryl over the years I have known her. I have always come away delighted & never disappointed :-) x


Cherry J


Email Tarot Reading


Cheryl has done readings for me twice and both times everything was spot on. She picked up on details of loved ones passed and gave great insight into things that were happening and had happened in my life. She is warm and loving and has a genuine connection to spirit along with a down- to- earth compassionate approach. I felt reassured, comforted and inspired to get on with my path after the readings. I have already recommended her to several friends and would encourage anyone wanting genuine guidance from a genuine person to contact her. Thank you Cheryl, I will definitely return when I need someone to read for me


I have a tarot reading from Cheryl once a year & I find her readings, detailed & accurate & fuelled with passion and understanding very worth having one for your year ahead or any questions you may have.-


Mark B. - Medium



Wonderful reading thank you xx


- L. Cruz


Online Tarot Reading


You are such an incredible person Cheryl and I am happy that you are in my life to help and guide me


- Sue T - Australia


Tarot Reading


“What a gifted and spiritual person you are, Cheryl.


Your readings are uncanny because they are so accurate and to the point.


I recommend anyone who wants to sort out a personal problem, or something is nagging them inside, to ask Cheryl for a Tarot reading.


It is extraordinary how Cheryl is able to answer our concerns at the turn of a card and by video too – amazing!”

- R Curtis



Evening of Clairvoyance


What a great evening of mediumship you had last evening. It was the first time I had seen you as a platform medium and I have to say Cheryl you are absolutely brilliant. I know from personal experience how brilliant on a one to one medium reading you are but on a platform reading a room you have very powerful energy and a wonderful way of interacting with the people. You have a lot of people who love you and your mediumship so Cheryl Turtlemoon, it is time for you to come out of the butterfly room and shine like the star you are amongst public audiences . Absolutely enjoyed the evening. Well done to you - B. Dunn


Tarot Reading


I had a tarot card reading quite a few months ago and I didn't know what to expect from Cheryl. I have had readings in the past by other people and you come out feeling as if you have missed something or the person wasn't very good at doing readings. You feel as if it was a waste of money and your time.


But right from the word "Go" Cheryl started as she is a clairvoyant as well, a family member was eager to talk to Cheryl and so the cards that was selected followed on from this. I came away feeling excited and fulfilled and happy to get on with my life in a positive manner.


Cheryl is such a wonderful person and reads the cards very well and if you are lucky to have a spirit attend at your reading as well reads them too. You get a rounded reading and a feeling of satisfaction. I can not


wait to book her again and I have recommended her to other people and also to a friend of mine who is looking at booking her for an event.


You will not be disappointed.


Thank you


Charlie Veniga-Garrett