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Reading Example - Relationships



Relationship Reading for J.


Card 1 - top left - what you bring to the relationship


3 pentacles


You bring stability and strength. You're the planner and as such you're relied upon. You're looked up to. People admire what you do and your strength. You, however plan and love details :) This is seen as not just useful but important to your relationship! so dont worry about remembering those little things :) These things you bring to the relationship are the foundations and are probably seen as an integral part of all things happy :) You "tame" people by being so grounded, and in this case you have tamed your partner :)


Card 2 - what they bring to the relationship


(Top right)


10 pentacles


They bring authority and groundedness. They are looked up to widely, by you and. The community:) they are the provider but also, they may pressure themselves into working.They bring you a sense of self worth, and stability. Because they are widely liked they bring friendship and social aspects into the home.  They work because they feel a sense of duty - there are bills to be paid and people to provide for. they are sensible and reliable so they bring many gifts to the relationship.


Card 3 positive aspects- 5 cups


The positive aspects of this relationship is that you're both adaptable to change and go with the flow. If you're feeling negative then you probably both feel the same. There is harmony but this card asks you both to go with life's flow. Positive thinking in adversity is important and by going with the flow this helps.


Card 4 - Overall conclusion 2 cups


You both communicate well, and are open towards each other. The word my guide gave you is " union " which Is lovely:) . Continuing communication and taking note of how the other is feeling is important. A great relationship, partnership and friendship! You are both very much each other's equal and people around you respond to that in a good way.


I wish you continued happiness!


Numerology -


This reading comes to 18/9 - Which reminds us that we have the personal responsibility to make or break something. By putting our cards on the table, being honest and being responsible for your actions makes for an excellent relationship.


Elementally -


This spread is split equally between Pentacles and Cups, so Earth and Water are equal. This is good, as it provides growth and sustenance. There is more of the same to come :)



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