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Reading Examples

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3 Card Tarot Reading – Mind Body Spirit

Hi C

Here is your reading pictured below


The cards are read from your left – 1, 2 and 3


Card 1 – Hermit – major arcana 9 – August - Mind

This card shows a hermit with a lamp to help him see the path in front of him. He carries a staff to steady himself.

This in the Mind position suggests cloudiness at the moment, and a need for some clarity. It is important to know that cloudiness doesn’t last forever! You are trying to become clearer in your thinking, hence the Staff. You are used to leading others but find it hard to lead yourself  by August things become clearer for you, and you will feel more settled.


Card 2 – Queen Wands – Fire – Body

This card shows a queen on her throne. She carries a staff; there are sunflowers behind her and a black in front of her.

The staff is back! Stability is here. In the body position, you may feel stable and as though nothing will move you! You are energetic, and you know what you want. Your health is good, but you may spend too much time running around, and this may have a detrimental effect upon you. You are feeling good and in command. The staff gives a sense of authority, and you may have found you are not scared to say what comes into your mind – be careful – speak in haste – repent at leisure!! That’s the fiery aspect of this card!


Card 3 – Temperance – Major Arcana – Saggitarius/November – Spirit

This card shows an Angel, pouring water from one cup to another. They wear the water symbol. Their foot is in the water, while some irises are growing at the side.

This card brings hope – since Iris flowers are the symbol of hope. The cups remind us to go with the flow as does the water under the feet of the angel, and the symbol. So your spirit is ever-changing, and flowing. You may be agitated at times, but you let things wash over you. The fact an angel is in this position suggests a belief in them, or that you are being looked after by your guardian angel. It is also a suggestion that you ask them for assistance. The good news is that you are ready to move forward in your life, and spiritually you are ready – as the temperance card suggests bringing areas of your life together, and dipping your toes in the water of change. Remember that water has no shape, neither does the spirit. You will learn to adapt, as you have done before.


Elementally –

This spread is ruled by fire, which suggests irritation and energy, mixed with motivation. You are ready for anything and on starting blocks!!! Just remember a little bit of patience may help!!



This spread comes to 23/5 which suggest struggle. If you are struggling with something in your life, you are reminded to ask the angels for assistance and to be kind to yourself. The advice of the spirit card of “let things wash over you” is good advice for you. Remember that nothing stays the same, or lasts forever, the only constant is change.



Mind – confusion – needing stability

Body – raring to go, perhaps a bit too keen!

Spirit – evolving, flowing , adapting.

Your mind has been cloudy, but will regain composure and clarity by August

Your body is working well, just treat it kindly and remember to rest

Spirit – your spirit is flowing, and adjusting to outside stimuli.



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