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1 tarot card per week, forecasting the "Flavour" of the week, along with the luck, love and money forecasts.
Monthly Tarot Forecast
12 Cards, one a month. This gives you a flavour of each month, and guidance within in. Its fun to look at each month, and great to look at once that month has been completed. This helps to guide you throughout the months, giving you a flavour of what each month may bring, together with correspondences and an insight in to love, luck and money. Avaiable by Skype or Email
 Annual Forecast Reading
Want to know the prejection for the nex 6 months? then this is the reading for you! :)
6 Month Projection Reading
As such this is a general reading, as different areas are covered.
All Life Areas Tarot Reading
This reading is designed to find out what you both bring to a relationship, and its potential.
5 card relationship reading - email or skype
a basic 3 card reading - choose from
3 card  email reading
This reading is for those who have just met!
3 Card Love potential reading - email only
Phone Tarot & Clairvoyance combined Skype/Phone Reading
Phone Tarot & Clairvoyance Combined Skype/Phone Reading

Welcome to the shop. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions before ordering.


You must be over 18 to book a reading. Offered for entertainment only. Remember you have free will, and readings are not set in stone, like life itself. :)


please use discernment with the information received.


Digital item - no physical goods will be received.


Readings Strictly on a pre-paid for basis - NO exceptions, sorry.


I do not do "emergency readings" (Same day readings)