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T's  & C's

By booking a reading I will assume you have read and will adhere to these conditions.


Readings must be paid for in advance , so if you book a telephone or Skype reading, please ensure payment has been made prior to your reading.


Phone readings:


Please ensure you will not be disturbed during your reading, this is for your benefit. When using a mobile phone, please make sure there is uninterrupted signal - there's nothing worse than only getting half a reading, or not being able to hear all of it.


Please write down your questions, if you have any, because I know from experience you may forget them!


Email Readings are usually with you within 24 hours. If you cannot find your reading in your inbox, please check the address you have given me to send it to, and check your spam folder.


By booking a reading you are attesting that you are over 18.


Readings are for entertainment only and not a substitute for a Doctor or Solictor.


Readings for a third party are not ethical, so therefore are not entertained. i.e -" what is my boyfriend thinking/is he having an affair" - You might wish to change the wording when posing a question. So, say you aren't getting on with your partner, instead of asking "what is problem with my partner" asking "how can I best get along with my partner" is better :)


If you have a mental health problem or suffer from suicidal thoughts then please think carefully before booking a reading of any kind. This is because I am NOT a trained health professional or counsellor. If you require help in this field or even generally health wise then please seek a medical professional. Thank you. I will be NOT held responsible if you fail to disclose any of the above issues.


Please remember that you have free will, and so do others, and Tarot and other card readings are like life, not set in stone. You are in charge of your own mind, decisions and life.


I reserve the right to alter the slant of the questions so that they are more ethical :)

I will not read for someone who is not in the room (Ie - boyfriend/husband etc)


I reserve the right to refuse to do you a reading without explanation, or to terminate it if I feel it is appropriate