Hello everyone! 

Throughout the Covid pandemic I have been conducting my readings online.

For the foreseeable future I will continue with readings online and have no immediate plans to recommence “in person” readings.

I have concluded that, even though some restrictions are being lifted, there are protocols we are still obliged to observe in order to conduct “in person” readings. These will be time consuming for both parties and involve releasing private information which I am uneasy with as client confidentiality is a major aspect of my work and ethics.  

In addition, I have found that the majority of clients actually prefer online readings as they are conducted in the comfort of their own surroundings and they do not have to spend time travelling to me which reduces their carbon footprint. Another advantage of online readings, if they take place on Zoom, they can be recorded then downloaded
by the client and saved to their device for future referral. 

Thanks for your understanding and continued support 

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Welcome to Cheryl Turtlemoon Online


Currently, I am only offering readings to residents in the UK. 


I am an internationally recognised Clairvoyant Medium and a reader of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards and I have designed my own Oracle Cards - more information to follow in due course. 

I have had the absolute pleasure of serving Spirit for many years, including "one to one" readings and spiritualist churches. To date I have delivered over 8,000 readings, and have over 39 years of experience.

This guidance I offer is accompanied by asking you to explore what YOU can do to help yourself. This means that your progression in life can be achieved by taking personal responsibility rather than just asking a question. 

I find the Tarot and Oracle Cards uncover layers of ourselves, and reveal our truths and stories. Cards are way to talk to the Divine, and is therefore a direct link to the Universe. By consulting the Tarot you are consulting "all-that-is" to assist you, support and guide you.


​By combining Clairvoyance together with Tarot and employing Pythagorean Numerology I am able give you a more personal and accurate reading.

I can offer guidance on many subjects, including relationships, career, home and the Inner Self.


I have appeared in numerous publications which include Fate and Fortune, Psychic News and Full House magazine as well as local newspapers - to see the articles, go here.

Find out more about me here.


If you feel that you would benefit from my services please do contact me via this website, or check out the shop, thanks. 

Please be aware that to have a reading you must be over 18, and have read and understood the disclaimer and terms and conditions. Thank you


I look forward to hearing from you!

"This amazing lady gave me the most accurate reading. it was spot on , on all levels. Cheryl knew what she was talking about i recommend her 100%. she sees what she sees and gives out the messages. will go again. 😘 "

Claire R.

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Cheryl truly is a remarkable, lovely lady.
For all of those people who are wary or uncertain about a reading, I would like to  inform you that Cheryl will make you feel at ease and relaxed during your reading. She is informative and helpful when you require any specific information.
I was firstly recommended to Cheryl by two different males who, have returned to Cheryl  on a few occasions over the last 8-10 years, including myself.

I have found  readings with Cheryl a great help in my life. Gillian B.

"I went to Cheryl for a reading and I have to say she was amazing. she passed on messages from my mum and dad which was such a comfort. Cheryl was very friendly and put me at ease.


Cheryl's reading was very detailed she was able to tell me what was happening for me now and also what was to come. The reading was accurate and very helpful. I would thoroughly recommend Cheryl."

Lyn B.