About Angel Cards

Angel cards have been around for some time, although Doreen Virtue made them popular and accessible to everyone.

They are gentle and forgiving and beautiful to work with. Originally, the cards were mostly just words. They have now evolved into the beautiful cards we have today. I have an extensive collection - both of the worded variety that I have had for years, and the Doreen Virtue variety. I have found no difference between cards with just words or the ones with pictures.

A Deck of Angel cards has 44 cards, or thereabouts, and usually consist of the "popular" angels, and words or supporting themes, which match the pictures. The thing that differs in relation to tarot, is they are unstructured.

They are usually softer, and more gentle than tarot, which is nothing against tarot, but  it does mean some people who are nervous of tarot  prefer the softness of Angel Cards.

How do they work?

Like the Tarot, they are a reflection of you - that means - they work on your subconscious, and therefore can get to the deepest part of the soul, then send a message back to the conscious mind.

However, the beauty of Angel cards is that they connect with Angelic energy, therefore providing an extra facet of information when reading them for clients.

So, we know Angel cards are softer and bring angelic guidance, but what about the actual Angels themsevles ? How do they bring Guidance?

Angels are messengers of God (or whatever name you use). Angels are different aspects of God and help with various issues on the Earth Plane. They have been mentioned in the Bible and other religious texts.

Angel Cards

A very small selection of my Angel card collection

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Archangel Gabriel angel

Angels are linked to their "jobs" or some aspect, so that when the cards are pulled, then you can work with this aspect or job for Guidance. The chart on the right may help you with various aspects - do remember that my  correspondences may not match others you may have seen on other sites.

Also, the cards are a DIRECT link to the Angels so that the messages come through undiluted and pure, which is lovely.