About Cheryl

I am Cheryl Turtlemoon. I have always been clairvoyant, having been able to see and communicate with spirit from an early age. I didn't know this was relatively uncommon until I got much older, I thought everyone was the same.


I have previously worked in Administrative positions, and accounts, both within Insurance. I did readings and served churches in the evenings and at weekends, eventually becoming professional in 2003.  


Spirit have given me much, and the beauty of their communication is wonderful. I am grateful to be able to be of service to others.


I love being a  Clairvoyant Medium, and offering my services to churches in Kent. I then found the Tarot and my life was enhanced and enriched still further.


I read the cards for a number of years before taking a Diploma with Tarot Professionals and that really put me firmly in the obsessed section of Tarot! I use tarot cards personally, every single day, and I have read in some interesting places (on boats, in shops,  in restaurants, at clubs, even Victoria Train Station and more recently on a plane, on the way my holiday!)


I have been Clairvoyant all my life, and I find this a normal way to be, which is why I combine it with Tarot!

Cheryl’s Spiritual Work and Self-Development History:



Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master (1999)
Aurora Colour, Crystal and Sound Therapy (2001)
Shamanic Practitioner
Various Rune Reading qualifications (2009)
Angel Therapy (2009)
Corinthian Spiritual Healing Church Ordination (2011)
Tarosophy Diploma in Tarot Reading (2012)
Angel card Reading (2014)
Oracle Card Reading (2014)

Certified Angel Guide (2020)

Certified Angel Card Mastery (2020) 

Also experienced in

Art Journaling
Asatru – Northern Heathenism
Ascended masters
Clairvoyant Mediumship
Colour Psychology
Crystal Energies
Digital Mandala Art
Feng Shui
Psychic Development Circle Leadership
Sacred Chanting
Spiritual Reverend Ceremonial Duties
Worked with Tarot and Oracle Cards since 1999
Worked with Spiritual Healing (Corinthian Church) since 1999



I am also an Ordained Spiritualist Minister (Ordained by the Corinthians but now Independent) This means I can offer Funerals & and Christenings.


I live in Herne Bay with my husband Reg and dog . I have a son, and I am very proud of the successful man he has become.


I see my life as being of service to others, something which gives me great pleasure.