About Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are really popular!

There's many different varieties of Oracle cards, from Animal Cards, Wisdom cards and everything (and I DO mean everything! in between!)

There can be any number of cards in a deck, from 20 upwards. These are used in the same way as tarot, and as a divination system they work very well. Again, these cards connect with your inner self, thus producing a mirror, a reflection from within yourself.

These cards are read (by myself, that is - everyone is different) using the imagery and intuitively. I find the varied images really helpful in each individual deck.

Oracle cards, like Angel cards, are mostly unstructured, depending on the deck.

Oracle cards are a key to messages, since they are picked subconsciously, much like the tarot. 

They are the Universe, having a conversation with you :) (again much like the Tarot)

Oracle Cards

A very small selection of my Oracle card collection

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