About Tarot Card of the Day

The one card daily reading 


I’ve done over 2000 tarot cards of the day in the public domain.


Why do I do this? Because they have value. They are a thread, or message from the Universe, subtlety advising us as we go about our day.It’s become almost an obsession to do them, and I try not to miss a day - this includes Christmas etc.


Tarot are especially suited to this method of reading, due to their structure - major cards, and 4 suits, each card being an aspect of a humans life.


Simply put - with the majors you have events, on life’s path, and direction for growth. For instance - the Hermit is all about learning and reflecting on those lessons. So, the daily advice may be to retreat, or withdraw and observe and learn from those around you. Of course, the tarot are connected to the zodiac, so you could then add that this advice might be extra helpful to those born in Leo, though helpful to everyone else.


The Universe speaks in oracular fashion. This is most evident in card readings. No matter what cards you pick up, there’s always a message.


Symbolism is vital within cards, as they give us a visual prompt of their message - such as the Hermit’s lamp, or the fool’s dog.


The lamp suggests enlightenment, and wisdom. The fools dog suggests caution in your endeavours, or a good friend, or loyalty. 


The reason these are useful, is that this means we can gain guidance from the Universal energy, and work with it. It means we are always aware, and open to the energies. 


People have found that by doing a card a day, either privately, or publicly, it has benefited them in making decisions or moving forward. 


It gives focus to the day, and something to meditate upon. 


Done first thing in the morning, it helps align your day - notice that I said “align” and not “tell you what is going to happen” - because the tarot doesn’t do that, it guides us. 


Any cards help us align to the Universal energy, and that is what we are doing by pulling a card a day. It guides us, and shows us the possibilities of the day. Of course, it is up to us as individuals as to how those symbols and energy are interpreted, but either way, we are made aware of the simple fact that energies are shifting one way or the other, and guidance is always useful :) 


What do you think? 

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