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Tarotscope April 2021

Welcome to the return of the Tarotscope!!

After a year unlike any other (understatement!!) the tarotscope has returned because I feel it is again useful. I declined from doing the 'scopes as soon as we went into lockdown as I felt it was not going to be as useful as I wished it to be. I hope you enjoy its return and find some benefit from it. Please remember tarot is NOT an exact science, and this does not constitute legal or medical advice.


Please refer to the disclaimer at the foot of this page. Thank you!

I also hope you are keeping well and as safe as one can be in these times. 

Aries - Knight Cups Reversed

You may not be feeling as benevolent as you would hope. This might be because someone is taking you for granted or is ungrateful, or it may just be time for you to look after yourself, for a change. 

Taurus -  2 Cups Reversed

It may be that a parting of ways may come this month. It may be in professional or private capacity. Know that spaces make way for the new!

Gemini - 4 Pentacles

You're in a good place this month, make the most of it :) This month is a good time to get organised, however remember to stay grounded and be in this reality :)

Aries sign (1).webp

Gemini - Ace Wands 

This month you may have more energy than in recent months. With more energy comes motivation - you are ready to tackle something you have needed to do for a while. Go for it!

Leo - 9 Swords

If you have been feeling grim but this month you get a breather. Your mind may have been full but now clarity begins. Try to get better sleep :) 

Virgo - 10 Cups Reversed

You are nearing your goal, and the peace you seek. Sometimes its the journey that is important, not the destination!

Libra - The Hermit

Finally, you can come out to play! If you have been quiet and busy, it is time to see a little light. You may have learned a lot about yourself during this time, and now you can put that to good use. 

Scorpio - Ace Cups Reversed

This month may be a little "topsy turvy" emotionally for you. Your usual Scorpio sting may feel a little flat, but look after yourself and be kind to yourself this month - you WILL bounce back!

Saggitarius - Page Cups

This month you may find that communication isn't what you would like it to be. If you are  feeling a little lightheaded and ungrounded then I suggest carrying some Hematite crystal - or imagine roots coming out of your feet and into the ground :)

Capricorn - Judgement

A moment of Epiphany make strike this month. You may suddenly see the truth of an action, or realise something. This could be potentially empowering and life changing (in a good way)

Aquarius - 4 Cups Reversed

You may have wished for many things, and even the simplest of things! they come to you now, have a grateful heart because the grateful heart always receives :)

Pisces - The Magician

You have the power to create your own reality this month, however, remember that co - creation with the Universe carries responsibilities - for every action there is a re-action!