*What does Clairvoyance mean?

It means 'Clear seeing' Clair Audience is Clear Hearing - I am blessed with  both hearing and seeing spirit.

*What is Clairaudience?

It means 'Clear Hearing' - Hearing spirit.


*Can you get in touch with my uncle Bob?

I can get in touch with spirit - there is no guarantee as to who I get through. Just like when you ring someone's landline, you don't always get an answer.

*Can you tell the future with Clairvoyance?

Some people profess to be able to see in to the future, but personally, I don't. Not because I cant but because my mediumship is evidence based - that means I don't "tell fortunes" with my mediumship, I speak to those who have passed over, and give evidence of a life beyond this one.


*Do animals have a spirit?

Yes, Animals come back to say hello ! and often!


*Do I have to believe in Spiritualism?

No, some of the people I get through are not believers either!


*Are you working with the Devil?

No, I work on a Love vibration, and in the light. I don't work with dark forces. Like attracts like.


*Will you tell me anything scary?

No the Universe does not give out that kind of information, and I do not request to know such a thing. It is of no benefit to clients,  and I  do not work on a power and control level.


Got a question you would like to know the answer to?

then drop me a line and I will try to help, and you may see your answer here!! 

Cheryl Turtlemoon Demonstrating Mediumship

I am an Evidence Medium, that is, I don't "tell the future",  I provide evidence of a life continuing after this one.

Often, Mediumship is confused with fortune telling, when in fact it is providing proof of  spirit  communication. 

Tarot is good for giving future possibilities because it links into the Consciousness and the Universe.