April 2021 Angelic Messages

Welcome to the May Angelic Message page! 

I have used the Angel Answers Deck for these messages. 

I hope you find this useful, as it is a new deck to me and I have found value in it.

Aries-            Recovery - take time this month to look after yourself. 

Taurus -        The Situation will improve - Things can only get better - be positive

Gemini -        Success - you can do it!

Cancer -       It's up to you - only you can do this!

Leo -             Helpful people - seek out those that can help you at this time. 

Virgo -          Opportunity - you had this card last month too, grab the opportunities!!!

Libra -           Be Assertive (speak up!!)

Scorpio -       Communicate clearly (mean what you say!)

Sagittarius - Compromise - its for the best!

Capricorn -   Let go - dont hold on, it doesnt help!

Aquarius -     No need to worry - everything is as it should be. 

Pisces -          Trust - sometimes, you just have to!


Please remember this does not constitute, and MUST NOT be used as medical or legal advice , thank you.