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Tarotscope May 2021

Welcome to the return of the Tarotscope!!

After a year unlike any other (understatement!!) the tarotscope has returned because I feel it is again useful. I declined from doing the 'scopes as soon as we went into lockdown as I felt it was not going to be as useful as I wished it to be. I hope you enjoy its return and find some benefit from it. Please remember tarot is NOT an exact science, and this does not constitute legal or medical advice.


Please refer to the disclaimer at the foot of this page. Thank you!

I also hope you are keeping well and as safe as one can be in these times. 

Aries - Emperor

This is actually the Aries Card! So, not only might there be control issues this month, but getting your life into order may become important to you. Its time to clear what no longer serves, and organise what does! If you want something to go a certain way, then remember that you cannot control some situations!  

Taurus -   4 Wands

Now it is time for you to celebrate coming together, and meeting others. Not only is this a time of unlocking from lockdown, reconnection and energy, it is also a time for confirming things, and moving forward as a whole. 

Gemini - 7 Swords 

Things may feel a little "cold" to you this month, and it isn't the weather! Timing becomes important now, and planning ahead does too. If someone cannot keep a secret, keep things to yourself. Others may be tricksy this month, keep quiet counsel and look beyond the obvious. Movement forward is likely but careful. 

Aries sign (1).webp

Cancer  - Knight Cups

The Knight is romantic and charming, so be kind to yourself and let others be kind to you. This is the month of receiving and also of respecting - yourself and others :) It is all good 

Leo - Ace Swords

You may find your mind racing, and sleep at a premium. If you have lots to think about, it may be time to jot some notes, make a list or organise your priorities. In doing so, things will get a little clearer for you and your mind might have  a rest. 

Virgo - 3 Wands

Are you ready to go for it? are you ready to ride the waves change? I hope so, because May provides changes that can be far reaching but exciting too. This is all good. Just make sure you have a plan first :)

Libra - The Hermit


Its time to shine your light Libra!!! using all the things you have learned in the past year is helpful, and even more helpful if you can use this wisdom to assist others,  who might be numerous as it happens. You may be the listening ear this month - and that is a privilege!  

Scorpio - 8 Wands

Opportunities may come your way this month, along with motivation and quick action. Grab everything with both hands and be prepared to move quickly with whatever comes up. 

Saggitarius -3 Swords

Something may leave your life or come to an end this month. Remember that all things change, move on, or clear. It might not be very comfortable, and there are lessons to be learned from this. 

Capricorn - The Star

Following your dream might sound a bit wishy washy, but if no one had any dreams, there would be no entrepreneurs, or  dancers, or new businesses. 

Whatever you want to do, look into it this month. You may find yourself in doing so. 

Aquarius - The Empress

Looking after yourself is an important mission this month. You may not do this very often. It isn't weak to do this, and helps you to help others. Birthing new things  - be they ideas etc, remember to nurture them :) plants don't grow without water!

Pisces - Ace of Wands

New beginnings, action and motivation come to you this month. You may find yourself working on something that brings excitement to your day, and urges you to move forward. Bring it on!