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Monthly Tarotscope - July 2019

Please read the disclaimer at the foot of this page, thank you .

These Tarotscopes bring you a flavour of  possibilities in July.

Aries - 10 Cups

Stability is important, but so is fun.This month there's a possibility of both. It's as though things are sorted out and you can breathe in joy. And breathe :)

Taurus - Hierophant - Reversed

This is actually the Taurus card!!  You will not be told this month. Doing as you see fit is the possibility for you. If others tell you what to do, there's a probabilty you may not listen. You are doing well and your confidence may be strong this month.

Gemini - 6 Cups - Reversed

You may feel like you "got the T shirt" in some ways this month, but actually, you have learned much. Using your internal wisdom you may avoid repeated patterns this month.

Cancer - 8 Swords - Reversed -

You may get to move on from a situation that has been bugging you. With careful and applied thought you will be able to do this. Things may be much clearer for you this month.

Leo - King Wands - Reversed -

Things may not be going quick enough for you, and this month the tarot asks you to back off a little. Let things sort themselves out - take a break this month if you can.

Libra - King Cups 

You are supported by others this month. You may feel strong emotionally and your intuition may be heightened. Now is a good time to see how you feel about where to go from here - the King cant go any higher, but CAN do something "else".

Scorpio - 3 Rods - Reversed

If you are thinking of changing something or moving on from anything, then think again. The Universe holds you in one place. You may say you're stuck, but the Universe says "not the right time" :)

Sagittarius - 8 Cups - Reversed

Support from your friends may be wanting this month, though you might spend time supporting them. Also, if you have a big bill this month, then perhaps you might want to wait to pay it.

Capricorn - Queen Swords

Clear thinking and aiming high is your possibility this month. You have clear intentions and are coming from a good place. No one should mess with you this month !!

Aquarius - Empress

A little self love wouldn't go amiss this month. Looking after yourself is really important, and helps us by improving energy levels and self esteem, both of which are a good for us. Enjoy!

Virgo - The Devil

You can choose to let go this month. If something no longer serves you, then move on. However, you have to WANT to move on. Only you can choose to stay where you are. 

Pisces - Queen Rods - Reversed

You may feel a lack of energy this month. Dont worry unduly, but you may want to give  something a rest. If you have a responsibility that you really don't need then the tarot agree :)