February Angel Scope 2020

Monthly Reading for February 2020 using Kyle Gray's Angel Prayers Deck.

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Aries - Mar 21 - April 19 -Spiritual Support. - Your prayers have been heard, Spirit are helping you. If you are on a spiritual path, they are working with you. 

Taurus - April 20-May - Count your blessings - You are blessed more than you know. Give thanks for  simple gifts in your life.

Gemini - May 21 – June 20 - Balance - Balance your life this month. Whether that relates to diet or sleep or work, the angels ask you to balance life out.

Cancer - June 21 – July 22 - New Beginning - Change is coming, be ready for new projects, and different ways of thinking.

Leo -July 32 – August 22 - The Inner Voice - Listen to your intuition this month!

Virgo - August 23 – September 22- Healthy Choices- Diet and healthy behavior are not the most exciting of things but you are guided to make good choices this month. 

Libra - September 23 – October 22 - Manifesting Miracles- If you do not make space for miracles, they just wont happen. Open your mind to the possibility of miracles. 

Scorpio - October 23 – November 21 - Synchronicity - watch for co-incidences, as they are the angels way of communicating. Signs that show the way are coming!

Sagittarius - November 22 – December 21 - Unconditional Love - Love yourself. Sometimes that is hard, but give yourself a break!

Capricorn - December 22 – January 19 - Earth Angel- To see an angel, be an angel. Someone may need help this month - be the helper!

Aquarius - January 20 – February 18 - Inner Power - You are stronger than you realise, use your strentgh of spirit wisely. 

Pisces -February 19 – March 20 - Speak your Truth- Now is the time to be assertive and say what needs to be said. Remember to be kind with your words!



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