General FAQs

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What hours do you work?


My hours are: (UK Times)


  •    Monday - 10am-1pm

  •    Tuesday 2pm - 8pm

  •    Wednesday -10am-12 midday

  •    Thursday - 10am-8pm

  •    Friday - 10am - 8pm

  •    Saturday 10am-1pm by arrangement,

  •    Sunday - CLOSED. I do not work Sundays (except church services)

I reserve the right to change my hours without notice.


How do I purchase a reading?


See - How to book a reading


Do you refuse clients?


Yes - Under 18's as I do not read for minors

Anyone who 'demands' a reading on the spot.

Anyone who is abusive or drunk will have their reading terminated. Anyone who is drunk or abusive prior to a reading    will be refused a reading.

I will not read a person more than twice a year - this is to avoid reliance upon my services.


Anyone who has mental health issues will be refused a reading. I am not qualified to assist on these issues and I suggest consulting medical professionals a more appropriate approach.


Do you offer same day appointments?


No, if a person truly wants a reading with me, they will be happy to wait for a space in my schedule.


Note- if you fail to keep your appointment without prior notification ,whether on line or in person, then I usually decline further consultations with you.

In addition, anyone failing to make a payment will be refused any future appointments.

I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading for you without question.