How to ask questions of the cards

Why Questions?

It is best to ask questions when having a reading, so make it a focussed event. Just saying “whatever the tarot say” is OK; but it doesn’t help you. It might point to things, but doesn’t give you enough of any one thing to get  in-depth help or information. Asking a question is focussed and gives direction to a reading.

Vague questions bring vague answers. You would probably like an answer that is understandable, not aimless.


How many questions per reading?


I tend to answer up to 3 questions within a reading, though 1 is preferable because then you will get a more in-depth and useful answer. I do not answer more than 3 questions within a reading.

Get Set….

First, think about the situation or thing you would like to know something about.

Breathe for a moment, allowing your self to calm.

The question mustn’t harm or be about another. That’s unethical.

How to ask the questions

A good rule of thumb is to NOT ask questions that will give a yes or no. This is because they don’t give an explanation, so there is nothing to learn, and nor offer insight or clarity.

Here’s some ideas


How can I improve my relationships?

What can I bring to this relationship?

Is this person in line with my Highest Good?

Is moving to a new home in for the Highest Good for me/us?

How can I best get along with my partner/boss/family etc? (use the most appropriate one)


Will this job be of benefit to me?


Will this promotion be good for me?


Is moving to a new home in for the Highest Good for me/us?

A message from my loved one please?

What are my Strengths?

What does the Universe need me to know right now for my Highest Good?

This gives an idea of how to frame your question. I do reserve the right to reframe your question if need be.

I hope this helps you to better frame your question. :)