Your First Card Deck...

How   to   choose   a   Deck   of   Cards,   and   first   adventures   with   them.  

There   are   so   many   different   decks   out   there,   it   is   hard   to   know   which   one   to   get .  

There’s   angels,   cats ,   dogs,   place,   symbols   and   just   about   every   other   thing   imaginable   out   there.   The  world   of   Decks   is   diverse   as   we   are.  

The   first   thing   you   need   to   ask   yourself   -   what   will   I   use   them   for?  

Angel   Decks   often   give   advice,   and   reassurance,   so   if   you   want   this   in   a   deck,   then   that   is   a   fine   place  to   start .

If   you   want   a   divination   deck,   possibly   tarot   or   a   specific   divination   deck   such   as   the   Wisdom   of   the Oracle   is   a   good   idea.  

Want   to   go   all   intuitive?   Then   I   suggest   an   oracle   deck,   usually   of   about   44   cards   or   so ,   and   usually  they   use   a   totally   fluid   system .  

With   Tarot   decks,   they   are   usually   fixed   in   their   structure   -   that   is,   they   usually   have   a   Major   Arcana, and  then   4  minor   Suits.   Although   they   are   fixed,   they   can   be   based   on   any   theme,   from   animals   to  
Science   Fiction.  

Oracle   decks   are   free-flowing,   and   usually   cover   a   variety   of   topics   and   are   great   for   intuitive   readings.

How   do   they   work?

Any   deck,   of   any   variety   brings   a   communication   with   the   Divine.   You   are   tapping   into   the   “mystery”  and   allowing   the   energy   to   communicate   in   a   way   that   you   will   learn   to   understand   and   after   learning  for   a   while ,   will   come   to   value   and   appreciate.  

The   cards   may   seemingly   appear   at   random,   yet   the   Universe   guides   the energy.   The   Cards   you   pick  are   the   ones   you   are   meant   to   have   -   even   if   you   dislike   them!!!   in   fact,   especially   so !   There   is   always  
more   to   learn   and   the   Universe   is   ready   to   teach   those   who   listen.  

Choosing   your   Deck

So,   now   you   have   decided   what   you   want   to   use   your   deck   for.   The   Questions   you   need   now   to   ask are:

Do   I   like   fluffy   images   or   not?   -   This   will   determine   the   look   of   the   deck.

What   theme   appeals   to   me?   You   will   WANT   to   work   with   a   deck   that   appeals   to   you.

Do   I   like   the   look   of   the   box?   This   will   draw   you   in   and   give   you   an   idea   of   it’s   contents.

Am   I   drawn   to   the   deck/Author?   -   This   will   give   further   clues   to   their   decks

Does   it   have   a   good   guidebook ?   -   If   its   thick   full   of   information,   or   the   author   suggests   checking   out their  guidebooks   for   individual   decks   -   its   possibly   full   of   info.

I also   suggest   checking   YouTube   for   videos   and   unboxings   of   any   decks you   like.   Find   the   Author   and check  them   out   there,   and   on   the   rest   of   the   net.  

First   Adventures   with   your   Cards

So,   you   have   your   nice   new   set   of   cards .   You   don’t   need   to   put   them   in   silk   (unless   you   want   to   of course !)   Radleigh   Valentine   suggests keeping   them   in   their   original   box   -   that   is   what   I   do,   too.  

Once   you   have   them   home,   open   the   box.   Look   at   the   images   on   the cards .   Allow   yourself   to   be   really immersed   in   them.   Look   at   each   card carefully ,   moving   them   from   one   hand   to   another.   Study   them,  they   will be   your   friends   and   allies!  

Once   you   have   looked   through   them   all,   tap   on   the   deck…   just   three   big   taps   on   the   top   of   the   deck   of cards   is   sufficient .   This   removes   any   residual   energy.  

Then   touch   all   the   cards   again,   one   by   one.   This   is   adds   your   energy   to   the   deck.  

Then   separate   shuffle   your   cards .   If   you   find   it   easier,   either   hold   the   cards   in   your   hand   on   the   side ,  instead   of   the   top,   or   lay   them   on   the   table,   spread   them   out   mix   them   up   and   collect   them   together.  

Once   you   have   done   this,   then   split   them   into   4   piles.   Place   each   pile on   the   table. Then  shuffle  each pile  individually.  

Then   place  the  piles  back  into  the  deck   -   put  them  back in a  different order  to the  one  you  took  them out   in.  

Give   the  whole  pile  a  final  shuffle.

The   first   Question……

Once   you   have   done   this,   its   time   for   a   chat   with   your   deck.  

The   first   thing   is   to   ask   -   what   this   deck   can   teach   you ?

If   it   is   a   Tarot   deck,   then   I   would   consult   the   little   book   the   deck   comes   with   if   you   are   not   used   to tarot.   What   suit   do   you   have?   What   symbols   draw   you ?   Read   the   book,   and   take   a   look   at   the   card . What   do   you   feel   it   is   saying ?

If   you   have   an   Angel   deck,   what   Angel   do   you   have?   Does   it   have   words   on   the   card ?   What   do   they say .   How   do   you   feel?   Sit   with   it!

If   its   an   Oracle   deck,   then   look   at   the   card   carefully .   What   is   the   wording   or   picture   of   the   card ,   what stands   out   to   you ?   What   do   you   feel   it   is   saying ?

Sit   with   this   card   for   a   little   while .   How   do   you   feel   about   it?   Once   you   have   done   this   and   got   an   idea  of   contemplation   from   the   card   you   pulled,   then   pop   it   back   in   the   deck.  

If   you   wish   to   have   a   deeper   connection   to   the   deck,   you   could   sleep with   them   beside   your   bed   or under  your   pillow. This serves to connect you on a deep level. You may even see the cards in your dream, if you see a particular one, look it up in the accompanying guide book, to find its message.