Interview with Cheryl Turtlemoon By Steph Everett :

What do you tell people when they ask you what you do for a job?

Depending on whom I’m talking to, I’m either a clairvoyant medium and tarot reader, or a Web designer. Both are true but not everyone can handle the first job!

Obviously, first and foremost I’m a clairvoyant etc, but I am legitimately a web designer, I have an NVQ in web design and I make, and update my own website.

How did you discover your abilities and what age were you?

Well, I didn’t really “discover” my abilities, I thought everyone was the same. I was born this way. I realised I was different  when I mentioned things I could see and know. Other’s reactions told me that I wasn’t the same. I was about 12 when this happened. I told everyone in science class that there had been a giant earthquake in Japan, and it was on the news that evening. I was given a wide berth after that!

Is there a history of Mediumship in your family, and if so, how far back does it go?

Sadly, no. I’d love to be able to say I’m from a long line of mediums, but I’m not. I suppose it’s got to start somewhere:)

Is there anyone else in your family who have this gift?

Again, no. No one talks about it, at all!

How long have you been working as a professional medium?

Since 2002. I’ve been giving readings since I was 19, turning professional when I realised I was here to serve, and help others.

What made you choose this as a career?

Well, it sort of chose me! I’ve always been this way, and it sort of crept into full time professional “work”.

What is your motivation for doing what you do?

Primarily, I love to help others. As lame as it sounds, I like to help people find direction and purpose in their lives. I am doing what I believe I was put on the earth for, and I’m living that purpose.

Have you ever considered a “main stream” job, such as working in an office?

I have worked in an office - I’ve been an insurance administrator, and an accounts assistant, but as Radleigh Valentine puts it - I’m recovered now! :) . Apart from totally not fitting in, and having a hard time mentally and physically, I wouldn’t do it again!

Have you been on the receiving end of bullying and abuse as a result of your choice of profession?

Yes! Sadly there are those who see their job as people who need to tell others how wrong they are:) I’ve been told I’m going to hell, and that I’m in league with the devil. I’ve had people come up to me in psychic fairs and tell me how wrong I am to do what I am doing. I’ve had people stop talking to me because they know what I do. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and I accept that. However, I do wish people would be polite about mine ;)

And how have you dealt with this?

At the end of the day, that’s what they think and believe. I just let them get it off their chest. We are all human, and all beliefs lead to the same God. I accept that their view may differ from mine. I don’t react, because that’s just fuel in their fire (I used to do so, but I’ve learned this, and don’t any more) . I send them love, which is the best I can do, since love is greater than fear, and fear is usually the problem.

Have you always been a tarot reader?

No, I used to do Clairvoyance and mediumship, but fell in love with tarot and cards in general some years ago. It totally fascinates me! I do still doing Clairvoyance etc, I combine it with Tarot Reading now, and its a lovely extra layer!

Have you undertaken any formal training for what you do, and if so, what was it, and how long did it take to qualify?

Ive taken several courses in tarot reading. The main one was with Tarot Professionals. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever done! It involved constant work with the tarot every single day for 3 months. Several different spreads, culminating in The Opening of the Key, which is a massive spread using the entire deck, and several different operations, and a large room to do it in. Then I had to read for my tutor, and assessed on that and my course work. It’s the most immersive thing ever, and very very challenging. I learned a lot, about me, as well as the tarot!


There is always more to learn, and I am continually learning. The three month course was just the beginning of a lifelong learning  with the tarot.

How can prospective clients prepare, to enable themselves to get the best out of a reading with you?

The best way to prepare is to come with an open mind. Preconceived ideas aren’t very useful.
Make sure you’re not going to be disturbed
Have a pen and paper handy.

Write down your questions in advance

What should a client expect during a reading with you?

I start with mediumship. Mediumship doesn’t predict the future, but gives evidence of a life beyond this one. I’m an old fashioned medium that way! I then move on to the tarot spread. The most popular ones I do are the Skype full reading and a 5 card situation reading. Obviously they’re both very different, in that you ask a question in an email reading, to which the tarot provides insight, whereas,  in the full reading different areas are looked into (with additional ones if the client wishes) and then additional questions are asked based on the results of the main reading.

Have you ever had clients come to you, who have had a bad experience with another Medium in the past, and as a result, are looking to you for reassurance and guidance?

Yes! I had a lady recently who was very scared after a visit to a medium! She was really upset. It’s so sad when this happens. Reassurance and kindness and helping and healing are the best course of action, along with words from spirit.

Would you please explain the different “clairs” – clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairgustance, clairsentience, clairtangency, clairscent?

A medium works with spirit - those who’ve passed over, creating a link much like a telephone exchange :) Clairaudient means to hear spirit. (Audio being sound).

Clairvoyant- can see spirit (voyant - from the French “voyeur” Clairsentience - “feeling” spirit, and gaining information this way.

Claircognizance -“ knowing” the information from spirit without being told. I’m both clairvoyant and clairaudient, with a touch of everything else:)

Clairgustance - this is a taste from spirit- say someone from spirit loved chilli, then I’d taste that and pass the message on. I often get very strange tastes, they’re always strong!

Clairtanngency - also known as psychometry. This is reading by holding an object, usually jewellery.

Clairscentience - feeling what another feels, then being able to tell them. This can be very pronounced.

Clairscent - being able to smells from spirit, such as flowers or aftershave or perfume that someone used to wear.

And which of the “clairs” do you work with?

Most of the above. To me, a message comes in many ways, like when we communicate, its not only with our voices , but our bodies, etc. Spirit finds different ways to get their message across using a variety of means.

Is there any difference between working psychically, and working mediumistically?

I always say, a psychic works with energies, a medium works with spirit.

Do you do any events or workshops?

Yes, I do Tea and Tarot events and I have other evenings planned.

 What are they like, how often do you do them, and how do people attending them benefit?

They’re full of fun, cake and love. I have had to stop events for a while, but hopefully they will resume in the summer. People benefit in a number of ways - they may gain direction in their lives, things may be made clearer for them, or answer their questions. They may hear from Loved ones.

Where can people learn about any events or workshops you do?

On my website -

I understand that you are an ordained minister – what does this mean and who did you train with?

Yes, I am! It’s one of the most fulfilling I do! It means I can offer marriage, christening (naming) and funerals. I have even done a friend’s funeral, we planned it prior to his passing.

I was trained by the Corinthians, who Ordained me. I’m now independent.

How do people get in contact with you for a reading?

Pop to my website - or pop to the shop - Or use the contact form on my website :)

Is there anything you would like people to know about you that we haven’t covered?

Yes , I do art (badly, but I enjoy it!)

I like reading

I have a cuddly dog

my favourite colours are pink and magenta

I’m an Aurora Practitioner, and Rune Reader

I can see and read auras!

Thank you Steph for asking me questions.... got a question you would like answered (NOT for free readings!!!) then contact me using the contact page, thanks! XX