June Tarotscope


Aries - The Wheel 

As the wheel turned so does life. Things change and move on and so must you, this card suggests that when changes come we should go with the flow, the dice around her neck suggests luck and chant both of which are yours this month.

Taurus - 3 Swords - Reversed

That which has been torn asunder may well be mended this month June sees you grasping and attaining a feeling of wholeness even though it may not be clear to you how that occurs-trust the process.

Gemini - High Priestess - Reversed

You may be holding back your power of this month. The need to use the power that you already have is great. Work at regaining your voice and power and authority this month.


Cancer - Ace Pentacles - Reversed

That new project that you want to start on maybe slightly delayed, however,  it’s all about timing and this means even if you have to hang on, it’s a good idea. There’s no rush for anything.

Leo -  King Swords

You are wise and by using your mind and your perception and looking at things from a higher perspective you will learn what is needed this month. The King is wise and uses his brains, it is time for you to think wisely.
Virgo - The World 

The world signifies an ending and a beginning, what has finished brings new beginnings for you this month Virgo look out for the good stuff!

Libra - 10 Swords Reversed

Let go of those burdens Libra! Release what’s been holding you down or back, and in doing so you will find a calm mind.
Scorpio - The Tower

The tower suggests change and there is change for you this month but also transformation, remember that if anything progresses we first must change, and change is the only constant. To change is to evolve. 

Sagittarius - Page Wands

Sagittarius, this month look for news and exciting beginnings and also the passion you have for something. This may be life in its self or a new project or -  the news that you were given that makes you happy. This is the beginning of new things during the hot months.
Capricorn - King Wands

Capricorn the king of Wands comes to remind you that you are in authority and that careful leadership will help you rather than rushing into things. Using the energy of this card this month is better than just sitting back and letting things happen. You are braver than you think!

Aquarius - The Star

Never give up on your dreams Aquarius, for following your star is the order of this month. Light your way and aim towards the path that you require. If you feel you need to follow somebody else, make sure that they are at least on a par or equal to yourself.

Pisces - Page Swords

The time has come to learn new things Pisces, and although you may feel this month is a bit precarious, there are always new ideas and new things to learn and write look at things from a new perspective and with an open mind.