January 2020 Angelscope

Monthly Reading for January 2020 using Kyle Gray's Angel Prayers Deck.

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Aries - Mar 21 - April 19 - The Inner Voice. Trust your own guidance this month. Listen to yourself talk. How kind are you

towards yourself? 

Taurus - April 20-May - Synchronicity - Watch for signs from Angels and loved ones this this month. Doing so will give strength and show your pathway - if you observe. Co-incidences may be many this month too. :)


Gemini - May 21 – June 20 - Honour your beauty - You are more than you think. Ask Archangel Jophiel to help you feel better about yourself. Make it a priority to loo after yourself .


Cancer - June 21 – July 22 - Miracle of Forgiveness - Last year not a good one?  forgiveness is hard but a great healer. Even if its yourself you need to forgive for any choices that were less than helpful. Ask Archangel Jeremiel to assist. 

Leo -July 32 – August 22 - Trust your Vibes - trust your gut instincts this month. You know what your inner guidance is telling you!


Virgo - August 23 – September 22- Take a step back - Step back from a project, person, or situation this month. It may not be right time for things to happen.

Libra - September 23 – October 22 - New Beginning - Great for this month! know that your slate is clean. Start where you are. All is good , walk forward. 


Scorpio - October 23 – November 21 - Feeling a little closed after last year? now is the time to open your heart a little and let some love in. If you have been hurt in the previous year, know there is good in the world. 


Sagittarius - November 22 – December 21 - Balance - Eating, drinking and exercise are important to us all. If last year you had difficulties in this area, then the angels suggest  self correction. 

Capricorn - December 22 – January 19 - Express your Creativity - Think out of the box this month. Problem solving isn't always linear. Pick up a new hobby or revive an old one this year. 

Aquarius - January 20 – February 18 - Clear your vibes - Archangel Metatron is the Angel of this year, so the energies are being cleared for you to move forward on new starts and putting to bed anything that needs to stop. 

Pisces -February 19 – March 20 - Peace and Harmony - Gratitude for all that you have this month is your theme. Be thankful for all that you had in the last year, and be happy that there's more to come. Be blessed!



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