Its a funny thing, commitment. To be committed to something suggests being dedicated to a cause, idea or undertaking.

It has struck me lately, that by putting shelves up as mini altars (in the house) and putting my work table in the house (I have 3) and doing other such things, means that I am committed to my task in life (by the way, its a long term commitment, I've been doing this for over 30 years now, and I'm not about to change!)

Also, my tarot card of the day, which I've been doing for years, has a certain dedication needed to do it every single day .

Life is about commitment. You commit to your job, children if you have them, friends, and to yourself, for such things as keeping fit (i have committed to 3 workouts a week!). So, either way.. we are dedicated to something :)

So, what are you committed to? what do you feel dedicated to? picture found on google from


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