Corona Virus - Business Update.

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all ok and well.

I thought I’d just come on by to let you know the state of play from my office desk , to yours

At the moment, my desk is covered with study materials, tarot and Angel cards. My other desk (yes I have two!) has paper, ink pads and glue on it, as I try to navigate this difficult time, by crafting.

It’s something we’ve never been faced with - total lockdown. It’s so weird, and may cause some of you anxious moments. It’s at these times I get my craft stuff out.

Remember - no one has to be big and brave, we are all in this together, and navigating this situation is new and different. You’re allowed to get your bearings as you find that you have a massive change in your life. Wobbliness is understandable!

I have found that if you stand, stretch out your arms upwards, and imagine roots coming from the base of your spine and into the ground and down to the Earths core, it helps.

Stay there a moment, pause your breath, and breathe. This gives you chance to just “be” and centres the self, re-aligning and centring you as it does so,

Some of us are hot messes. It’s ok, no one is going to judge you for it. It’s unchartered territory , you’re ok. We will get through this together. If it helps, build a nest, a place to go in times of stress. My husband got his old fishing bivvy out for me, and it was great fun!

I have found that keeping in contact with family and loved ones helps, and admitting that you’re only human, too. Keeping communication open seems useful generally.

I’ve changed my hours so that I get some routine - they’re now 10am till 5pm uk time. Routine is important, so I’ve given myself weekends!

**I won’t be giving any corona virus readings**(apparently they’re a thing - but not for me!)

However you’re doing, just remember you’re not doing it alone.

I’m sending healing to the Earth , this situation, the victims , families and those that are unwell, each day at 10am. Feel free to join me in the ether!

Take care, and wash your hands. Stay at home if that’s what you’re advised. Do follow your Government guidelines for the country you’re in.

You’re not alone ❤️

Cheryl Turtlemoon 🐢🐢🐢

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