The colours of Angels

It doesn’t seem a moment ago it was summer, and now we’ve glided so far, it a mild autumn. It’s so mild the leaves haven’t turned colour where we are, we just have a smattering of gold.

Colour is so healing, whether it’s what you wear or see, it affects the emotions and senses.Take autumnal colours, for instance. They make me feel calm and connected

to the earth, Red makes me energised, while pink makes me happy.

And of course these colours are linked to Angels! How lovely that we can get a message in colours!

Red links to Uriel - he brings fire and passion

Blue links to Michael - he brings protection and truth

Pink links to Chamuel, and links to the heart and emotional healing

and Green links to Raphael, who brings healing in all areas.

Gold is for wisdom and Gabriel, for good news and knowledge.

So, put simply, you can invoke the angels with the colour you wear or are drawn to!!! :)

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