How to choose a deck of cards

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

purchasing a new deck of cards, be it tarot, angel or oracle, is very exciting .

However, prior to purchasing your deck, there are some things to consider.

can I afford them? Am I just buying them on impulse? Am I comfortable with the imagery? Are they good size to work with? am I drawn to them? Can I walk out the shop without buying them ? Are they of a theme that you understand or want to learn? is it to be a study deck or working deck?

If if you cannot leave the shop without them, or love them, or are drawn towards them,or answer any of the above favorably, then that’s the start of a love affair with them.

Once you've got them home, broken the seal and admired them, then the relationship starts.

When you get them home, take them out of the packet... thumb through each card and say hello, and thank them for being in your life.

Hold them close to your heart, imagine light going through the entire deck.

Now you are read to interview your deck...

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