Inspiring Interview number 2 - Ian Firth-Clark

I am inspired by Ian because I know he has been through much, yet chooses to help others, with a smile. He is an unassuming man, but a great light in the world.

He is brave, too, as he will be doing a wing walk for charity. Apart from standing on a moving plane which is scary enough, he hates heights (!!!!) and had to diet to the nth degree in order to be allowed to do it!!! Respect!!!! ill keep you all informed as to how he does. Hopefully we will have some pictures too!

Ian Firth-Clark - self portrait

Tell everyone a bit about you:

I am married to Jo for 14 years, and I have 1 son and 1 step son (who lives in America).

My passion is photography and it is an excellent vehicle for helping others, which is one of the things I like to do.

I support the Samaritans and they have really opened my eyes a lot.

I am challenge driven, and I run a Commercial Refurbishment company.

Your vision for the future?

I would like to allay my demons, to continue to be happy, and make others happy, while enjoying photography and other creative projects, and do more of that which makes me happy.

How did you get where you are today?

By determination. I fell down, and got straight back up!

Your values?

I appreciate manners, being there for others, and the principles of freemasonry and their charity ethic.

Who inspires you?

Cheryl Turtlemoon (blush!!) my wife Jo. Anyone who carries on in the face of adversity. those who achieve things against all odds.

What inspires you?

Those who achieve things against all odds.

What advice can you give others?

It’s not advice really, but the best thing I can say is just listen to people, without judgement. Let them have their moment! be there for people.

What gives you joy ?

Helping others, being useful, making people smile and helping relive them of their worries.

Favourite quote?


Final words?

It’s been fun!!!

Ian's photography is available from him directly.

Ian supports


Cheryl Turtlemoon Interviewing Ian

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