Interview with Jennifer Sher - Artist and Inspiring soul

Jennifer Sher Interview

I asked Jenn if I could interview her because I find her inspirational and totally dedicated to her art and very talented. She works from the heart and produces stunning pieces. I hope you enjoy this interview - there are more coming!

A bit about yourself?

My name is Jennifer Sher, I was born in Guatemala but moved to California in my teen years, I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and I live in Santa Clarita, CA with my dear husband, my girls and my two cats. I’m a mixed media artists and sculptor. I am also a full-time accountant. But on my off time I do art. When I discovered Mixed Media ART and I was blown away with this type of art and what you could do by learning how to create it. Now I can’t stop.

Your vision?

My vision is to share how to live an inspired creative life, to actively engage and live each day with purpose and intent. To choose to surround myself with positive people and influences. Live my life through sharing my journey with Mixed Media Art and inspire others to do/start their journey. I love working with Paperclay and I create sculptures that I hope to fill them with love and serenity so that's the energy they will transmit to the place they end up. Bringing a beautiful healing and uplifting vibration to homes. Hoping that customers will love looking at them in their sacred spaces and holding them close to their heart.

How did you get where you are?

When I discovered Mixed Media ART in Sept 2015, I was blown away with this type of art and what you could do by learning how to create it. Now I can’t stop. In April 2016 I discovered Paperclay and it totally changed my art journey. I love to see my art in 3D.

Your values?

-Believing in myself

-Creating every day and inspiring others to do so -Taking time to do the things I love ♥ -Embracing new experiences

Who inspires you?

I get inspired by learning from previous famous artists, such as Frida Kahlo, Henri Matisse, Picasso, etc. I am also inspired by all the different people I’ve met thru the online art community. My artsy friends are an inspiration for me to continue pursuing what I love.

What inspires you?

Life inspires me. I want to be the best wife, the best mom and more than anything happy with something of my own. I own my ART, it’s a window through my soul, creativity and mind. Something I could say “Yes” I created that with my own hands.

What advice can you give others?

No matter what we go through life we could overcome obstacles and succeed. Keep faith, keep love and keep believing in oneself. Being creative heals the heart and the mind.

What gives you joy?

I enjoy living a creative, healthy lifestyle, making every second in every day really count. Feel productive and nourish my relationship with my loved ones, my friends and my peeps (artsy people). Being positive, empowering one another and being authentic.

Favourite quote?

Creativity takes courage – Henri Matisse

Final words?

Thank you for interviewing me, Cheryl is one of those Artsy people I’ve meet in the online community and I am so happy we are friends. She has done some amazing readings for me. I always reach out to her for advise and opinions on my art and art journey.

You could reach out Jennifer Sher on social media:


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she also has a sale on until 31st July! Here’s the link:

Thanks so much g allowing me to interview you, I learned more about you and I love your work even more!!! Xx

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