Interviewing my new Deck - Shadowscape Tarot

I interviewed my new deck this morning, and I thought you would be interested in what I received. When you interview a deck, its usually done when its new, before you do a reading for anyone (including yourself) So.... Question 1 -What is the deck here to do? To communicate to my heart (page of Cups) Question 2 - How will you teach me? Tower- by changing the way you do things, throwing out old outdated ideas, and by turning my practice on its head. (eeeeep!!!) Question 3 - How can I best learn with you? The Star - by following , and correcting my course. Have hope! Question 3 - What most important thing about you (the deck) 3 Cups - want to collaborate with me and for me to succeed Your Strengths? Knight Swords - I WILL make you think, I will push you. Limits Ace Wands - You MUST do the work! QW - be patient, look from new perspectives, Grow!!! last two cards combined - I will only work if you do. conclusion This is a good deck for me, that will bring teaching and growth, it will challenge me, but that brings growth too!!!

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