My Top Tip for surviving Christmas Day

Christmas day is a wonderful thing. Full of joy, presents, laughter and the feeling of Christmas.

Of course, along with that comes cooking the dinner, the family and perhaps more than a little stress.

A good way to regain composure when you are surrounded by people and the stress of the day is to go to the bathroom and lock the door. Stay there for 5 full minutes, or even just a minute if you can't.

The idea is to give you some time to re-group and calm. It gives you peace and a pause for breath and no one need know that you aren't doing anything else in there. You can even flush the loo so that people think you have been doing something else! :)

Its like a mini Mind Vacation ! :)

I do this when I need to centre myself , or I need a brief time out. Try it.... it might work for you!!!

Have a GREAT Christmas!!!

Note - Picture from Pixabay.

take a mini mind vacation in your own home!

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