Prediction vs Guidance

Tarot , Oracle and Angel cards are different- tarot is structured and has suits and a Major Arcana. Oracle and Angel cards don’t really have a structure, or a set amount of cards.

the other difference is that tarot is considered Predictive - “where am I going?”

whereas oracle cards ask “what might I do when I get there?”

depending on what you require, one or the other might suit you better. However, tarot can answer “what do I do when I get there?” But it won’t be in the Same “voice” as an oracle or Angel card, which are a softer vibration.

one thing they both have in common is that they won’t say bad news . they will however suggest actions that might help.

They won’t offer negative news simply because it doesn’t empower you, in fact, quite the opposite! To disempower someone is not my idea of helpful!

which is your favourite? Tarot, oracle or Angel cards?

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