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Updated: Sep 10, 2018

So, why the new blog? Indeed, why the new website? 

Well, it’s all thanks to GDPR and I wanted to follow those guidelines (obviously - it’s the law!) and my service provider, who was finding that difficult. So, I switched! And I feel so much better that y’all have a more secure site. My old one was too, but it didn’t reflect that to my lovely customers. This is really important to me! 

So, what will be coming up? Lots of Angelic, tarot and oracle stuff! Watch this space or

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Today, we focus on Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Creative writing. Archangel Gabriel was originally a messenger in the Bible, who came and spoke to those on earth. So, as writing can be a message, then Gabriel is just right! :) Their Crystal is clear quartz, used for clear thinking and clarity.

Pop a quartz on your desk or wherever you need to sit and think :) Here is a picture of one of mine (i have about 10 I believe!)

quartz crystal point.


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