Sometimes things don't go according to plan....

It's a fact of life that sometimes things do not go how we want them to, for whatever reason, and last week I found this out, but I also learned a valuable lesson while things went bendy.

The problem was my beloved forum. Both myself and the ever-lovely Sasha were posting every day, but it had almost zero interest, so, since we had spent a month and lots of posting on it, I decided it was time to call time on the forum, despite the high hopes I'd had for it.

Yes, it was sad to see it's demise, since I was having so much fun posting.... BUT... I learned that sometimes you have to let things go, and accept that is how they are. It's an acceptance that I've had never had to face before, so it was a major lesson, and one I was glad to learn, despite my disappointment.

I know we cant just lay down and accept everything, that would not be right, but when something like this comes along, that can be corrected, or changed, then it is fine. The wisdom, I suppose, is knowing the difference.

Also, changing one's expectations makes a difference too, and yes, another lesson learned :)

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