Inspirational people interviews # 3 - Reg Miles

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Reg Miles – I am 65 years old although my brain doesn’t acknowledge it my body tries to remind it from time to time. I started work at the age of sixteen as an engineering apprentice and continued in engineering for 30 years.

My dream from the age of 3 or 4 was to be an entertainer.

To that end I made my debut at the Rose Folk Club in 1970 singing and playing the guitar. For the next 30 years I would be constantly involved in entertainment of all kinds from music, cabaret, magic. You name it I would have a go.

I got married in 1975 at the age of 21 to Rachel and we had two children, Catherine and Peter. In 2000 I had the opportunity of becoming a full time professional entertainer and with the help and support of my wife and my entertainer friends I took the chance.

It was the most amazing course I could have taken and, although I was not destined to become famous, I finally achieved my lifelong dream.

In 2006 my first wife Rachel sadly died and in 2010 I married Cheryl. She has helped me rebuild my life with her love and support. I count myself very lucky. Sometimes it is difficult to find true love once in I lifetime. I have found it TWICE!

My Vision? 

To continue enjoying my life for as much time as I am granted and to be grateful for what I have been given.

How did I get where I am?

In life we all have to have a bit of luck to get on.We all get some bad luck on the way too to knock us back.First of all you have to put yourself in a place where good luck has the chance of finding you. It may or may not find you but if you don’t get out there it definitely will not. Never give up. It’s all too easy to stop believing at the first set back.Let every set back make you stronger and more determined to achieve your goal. 

My Values?

Hard work, honesty, respect and integrity.Treat every person you meet as you would wish them to treat you.See past race, religion, colour, nationality, sexual orientation and all things that make us individual. Instead view a human being.

Who Inspires me?

That’s a good question. The answer to that I suppose is that I am not inspired by any one individual.Instead I would say my inspiration comes from people who hold similar values to mine.

What Inspires me?

My life as an entertainer has touched the lives of many people and I have received over the years many positive reactions.That in itself is an inspiration to keep going.

Advice to others?

That I think has been answered in some of my previous comments.Work hard, be honest and respect everyone and everything that surrounds you.Put yourself in the pathway of luck and never be disappointed if it doesn’t find you the first time. Never give up on your dream and try again and again.What gives me Joy?Life itself! Having amazing people in my life and being honoured when they allow me to be part of theirs.Favourite quote.Live each day as your last for one day you will be right.  Final Words.I have had the most amazing life and I am ever grateful to everyone who played their part in making it so. Thank you! 📷 📷

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