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An Evening of Card readings and Clairvoyance, with each person receiving a live reading of both card and clairvoyance, for the price of a Coffee, from the comfort of your own home This will be on the Zoom App, so please download and if necessary, update to the latest version. You will need to be camera ready :) This is only open to 10 people. The Link to the evening will be given upon receipt of payment, prior to the event. Do NOT share this link, this evening is only open to all those who have paid the registration fee. To find the time in your area pop to Further details: First of all - the link will be sent to you 30 minutes prior to the start of the event, this is so it’s easy to reach in your inbox. If you are unable to find it, take a look in the spam inbox, it’s possible it’s sitting in there :) if you still don’t have it, then mail me on the address this email comes from, don’t forget it won’t come out until on  the day.  You will be seen, provided your camera is on, so please be camera ready, please be aware all participants can see you. This means that I will be able to make a connection with you and your loved ones, and pass any messages that I receive.  You will need: A quiet place, or a Do not disturb sign and a comfortable seat/area. You will be muted after the welcome, and unmuted as I come to each of you individually. This stops extraneous noises etc, and helps keep the focus of the meeting.  You may need : A pen and paper if you would like to note down your messages. A drink of water etc. I strongly advise against alcohol as it doesn’t help with the vibrations from spirit and communication.  You may wish to light a candle at the start. This brings in light, brings calm, and signifies the start of the event and brings focus and intention to the evening.  The Evening’s proceedings: Welcome Arriving in the room Lighting the candle, and dedication  Opening the heart meditation (short) Prayer & Healing silence  Start:  I will go to each individual at random, and give a card reading and spirit messages to each and every one of you. These readings are usually to the point. Please note that this will be in the same vein as a spiritualist church. If I come to you, please speak up, with Yes’s or No’s. Your voice will help with the link to spirit. You will be unmuted as I come to you, and you will be able to communicate as appropriate.  To finish: Thanks and closing prayer, grounding, quick unmuted chat to ground.  Then I suggest after the meeting you might like to have a cuppa and perhaps a biscuit to ground.n

Cards & Clairvoyance Event ONLINE 15 -7-20 7 PM UK TIME


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