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Monthly Tarot-scope - September 2019

These Tarot-scopes bring you a flavour of  possibilities in September

Closed from 7th - 12 October

Aries - Page  Wands

Its time to put new information into action. Dithering is for wimps :) walk tall and with surety as you move forward with goals and ideas.

Taurus - 3 Pentacles

Its time to shout about yourself in September. You are hiding your talents. You need to realise you can create your reality!! set a firm foundation and you are on your way!!

Gemini - Queen Pentacles - Reversed

September may feel like a month in which regrouping is needed. You may find yourself feeling ungrounded. A few evenings of rest and correct diet will help.

Cancer - Knight Swords - Reversed

Its time to be a little more prudent, both with your time and money. a little sensibility goes a long way! Its a good month for planning instead of rushing into action.

Leo - Hierophant 

This month you may need to find a new way to do old things. If you do what you've always done, you will get what you you've always got! its time to shake things up a little!

Libra - Knight Wands

This month finds you taking a break. Rushing isn't for you this September, but resting and chilling most definitely are!

Scorpio - 3 Rods - Reversed

Work brings rewards, it's as simple as that, Scorpion! short cuts might be quicker, but planning and firm foundation will serve you better. Set up things for future returns, you will be glad you did!

Sagittarius - Chariot- Reversed

Indecision ,might be hard to deal with this month, and you might find yourself prevaricating over something. Sometimes, this is a good thing. However, it might not be good this month. Choose carefully, it could be a pivotal month.

Capricorn - 8 Swords

Freedom from things that no longer serve you come this September. Release and clarity do also. It's about time! look forward to clearer thinking and enjoyment of life!

Aquarius - 5 Swords

If you have felt "wronged" in the past months, then you will be thinking more positively in September. Move away from naysayers and you will be fine. :)

Virgo - 7 Swords

Watch your back this month, Virgo! Walls have ears, so be careful who you tell your secrets to! Not everyone is full of love and light, remember duality exists in all things and balance must be kept.

Pisces - 9 Pentacles - Reversed

This month, if it ain't broken - don't try to fix it. You may want to wade in and alter things but actually, its probably best to leave well alone.