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Monthly Tarotscope - May 2019

Please read the disclaimer at the foot of this page, thank you .

Aries - The World - Reversed

You may have some unfinished business to attend to this month. Take it slowly, and it will be completed. If there is something dragging on, it needs sorting out!!

Taurus -5 Pentacles - Reversed

The comfort you seek will be found this month. Sometimes a person or situation becomes shelter. Whatever the comfort is, you will experience it.

Gemini - High Priestess  -

Your intuition is strong this month. Trust it! Timing plays an important role this month. Let all things happen as they should. Remember the Universe has its own timing :)

Cancer - Sun - Reversed -

This month may find you need to see the truth of a situation. Light may be needed to see things as they are. When that light shines, it makes things clearer!

Leo - King Wands - Reversed -

If you have been stressing in April, you can breathe more clearly this month. Frustration is reduced. Do what you must this month!

Virgo - 2 Cups- Reversed -

Not everyone is as open to communication this month as you are. If you're not feeling communicative then it might be time to find out why, or step aside. Listen to others, or your own counsel.

Libra - 5 Cups- Reversed - If you have been feeling downhearted then things are brighter this month. Positivity abounds and opportunities present themselves :)

Scorpio - King Cups -

A gentleman may prove supportive or helpful this month. Someone may tactfully deliver a few home truths, but the tarot ask us to listen rather than stress out. In your heart you may already know things to be true - and breathe :)

Sagittarius - 8 Cups - Reversed

Its time to stop prevaricating, and make a choice. It might be difficult because your heart may rule your head, but ultimately, its decision time! :)

Capricorn - 4 Wands

Its a time for reconnecting and partnerships this month. If you are off to a wedding, or other celebration this month, it may lighten your heart! Partnerships are strengthened :)

Aquarius - 8 Swords - If you have been looking for a way out of something, or for something to be released or a bit of freedom, then this month brings that for you! If you're mind is cluttered, then clarity is on the way. Honesty is important this month!

Pisces - 7 Wands - Reversed -

This month you can breathe out. If you felt last month that you had to stand your ground, then you can have a rest this month. Your motivation might disappear this month. Go with the flow! :)